Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Skin in the game

Busy week in boat land (or dock, whichever you prefer).

I gathered the courage and whipped out my dirt cheap (Harbor Freight) 7 inch buffer so I could put some shine where previously I'd just applied some very expensive compound and wax.

It took a little persuasion, and a couple layers of skin

but I convinced it I was in fact the skipper of the boat.  The picture is blurry on purpose, you don't need to see the ooze factor. I got that in the first ten seconds of work, then dangled the dang thing over the side and had a discussion with it (the buffer) about how it was going to behave from now on.
I'm not posting pics of the shine I then proceeded to lay on the entire deck/cabin house area. That was part of the deal.
It glistens. I can read the raised text on the waste and water outlets (they are 20 inches from the cabin top). I have to shield my eyes from the glare. Or maybe that's my bald head.

Okay, not really, but it's a lot better than what Mary and i worked up by hand.

Someday I'll buy a buffer/polisher that doesn't have an appetite for skin.

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  1. My experience......you can never wax a boat too much. Or, I never seem to finish waxing the boat. Something along those lines.