Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Since you asked...

Folks have asked why I got 'in to' sailing.
I've given the flippant answer, e.g. boobs bikini's and booze. Perhaps those that know me think that is the truth of the matter.
Those that truly know me know that isn't the real answer.

I got hooked on sailing before I'd ever sailed.
I got hooked when all I could do was rent a row boat and row around San Diego's naval base way back in in 1980 while I attended Radioman 'A' school.
Solitude. Self reliance. Simple.
Note, all starting with "s" but no sails. I wasn't qualified and therefore wasn't allowed to take out the simple 22 footers they had for offer as a rental. No way I could afford either the time or the lessons to qualify, but also no way I, a simple lad from West Virgina, could pass up the chance of conquering the sea. So instead of sailing I stroked. I stroked a tiny 14 foot row boat all over the bay, every chance I got. My buddies where out exploring the delights of San Diego (strippers and video games were high on the list back then. I gave them a cursory review, then went back to the oars.)

That was 1980. It took 20 plus years of steaming (in the Navy) to come back to it.
That 20 years taught me more than sailing, it taught me the "S' of sailing.
That time taught me Systems.
Engine systems, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, plumbing systems.
It taught me Sense
Common sense, weather sense, and of course sensibility ( I think).

 It taught me  Self reliance.
Where else can you learn that it is just you, all you, and only you when all you know is all you have.
Then, after I had learned Self reliance and thought that was the way, it  taught me that  Sharing was the better way.
Sharing was far more fun, more full.

So now I Sail. It's magic. I move 20,000 pounds of home and hope on a breeze towards the future. 

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